Travel Sketching & Painting | Chelsea Ward


Welcome to our workshop on travel sketching & painting with illustrator and watercolor artist Chelsea Ward of Sketch Notions. In this workshop, Chelsea introduces her favorite artist-grade tools and materials for building detailed illustrations and beautiful watercolor captures within a travel sketchbook.

This workshop focuses on capturing art outside of the studio. Whether you’re adding a sketching journal to your daypack for five minutes of creativity at a local park or while jetsetting across the country, we hope to inspire creativity wherever you go. Travel sketching and painting is a unique way to document your daily adventures around home and your journeys abroad. Creating art while traveling gives you a unique souvenir and a deeper memory than any quick snap of a camera. 

Chelsea has been sketching almost daily, home or abroad, for nearly ten years. In 2009, Chelsea studied abroad in Italy and found a love for watercoloring and documenting her surroundings outside the studio. Eventually she found her way back to Italy where she lived for two years, sketching the entire time. Upon returning home to California, Chelsea created her business Sketchy Notions to share cards and prints of her watercolors and sketches. Sketchy Notions has evolved but still features Chelsea’s original art from her sketchbooks. Chelsea also co-hosts art retreats in Italy where she helps others find a love for travel sketching and painting under the Tuscan sun. 

This workshop includes:

  • a detailed, digital workshop led by Chelsea

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • a hand sewn travel A5 sketchbook featuring a a custom every-other assortment of 140# cold pressed Legion watercolor paper and AQUA mixed media 135gsm paper for both wet watercolor, dry illustrations, and a blend of each. Each is made by Beth Soler in Hollywood, Florida.
  • a Pilot fine nib fountain pen (with refillable cartridge)
  • a Winsor & Newton travel watercolor set
  • a travel watercolor brush
  • a graphite pencil & eraser

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired to create using these new techniques and this wonderful travel kit. Be sure to share with us your process and your projects by tagging @sketchynotions and using #thecraftersbox. Happy travel sketching and happy making with this special workshop.

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