A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box


Welcome to an introduction to wood burning with artist Rachel Strauss. We are exploring the wonderful art of pyrography through the careful instruction of a maker with years of creative experience behind a pyrography soldering iron. This workshop explores how to use an advanced temperature-controlled tool to burn on substrates such as wood, leather and cork.

Our digital tutorial focuses on three key areas of wood burning: transferring techniques to move art to a surface, burning techniques to work with different tool tips to outline, fill & shade your art professionally, and finally finishing techniques to protect your work.

The curated kit Rachel has designed starts us off by transferring one of Rachel’s unique designs onto an artisan-made basswood cheese board to create a custom piece. We also carefully cover how to use your own designs to burn as well.

This workshop features the Walnut Hollow Versatool kit -- a consistent, temperature-controlled tool that Rachel champions to be high quality and wonderful for makers of all levels. Included with this tool are a variety of burning tips for burning small details to larger spaces, or varying for smoothness when scripting. We cover all of the above in our digital how-to. Ready to explore a bit more? This tool can also be used for exploring other mediums like leather crafting, soldering, and paper crafting.

We are so excited to have you join us with this project as we dive into exploring wood burning. We would love for you to share your final product with us by tagging your photos with our account and using #thecraftersbox. Happy making.

This workshop includes: 

  • An in-depth, digital workshop by Rachel Strauss
  • A live Maker Chat Q&A for our community to join in creative conversation
  • Tools and materials from artisan supplies, curated for you, by Rachel

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • A Walnut Hollow Versatool equipped for temperature variations and a range of burning points and parts
  • An artisan basswood cheese board with a hand-shaped ‘live edge’ (custom made in San Diego, Ca)
  • A Versatool transfer point
  • A dual sanding block in both coarse and medium grit
  • A small practice piece of wood
  • Graphite paper & embossing stylus
  • 2oz food safe mineral oil
  • A Tombow sand eraser
  • Custom template designs by Rachel
A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box
This Month's

A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box
A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box
A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box

Our November Add-Ons

We're offering multiple add-ons to complement Rachel's workshop this month. To keep exploring in all of Rachel's techniques (or to keep learning new ones) scoop up extra materials below! From wood burned birch coasters to bundles of substrates to sample and create with, we're excited to dive into allll the making this month. Join us!

A Burn Bundle | The Crafter's Box
A Set of Birch Coasters | The Crafter's Box

A Burn Bundle

We are exploring the wonderful art of pyrography with Rachel Strauss next month. This add-on kit includes a bundle of substrates to practice Rachel’s technique using the advanced temperature-controlled Versatool in new ways. We’re including samplers of wood, leather and cork to explore Rachel’s workshop in a variety of ways. When you've chosen your favorites, visit our Marketplace to stock up on individual items from above.

A Set of Birch Coasters

We've curated an add-on to try out a new transfer technique and create wood burned coasters. Using the Transfer Point we've included in our full workshop kit, Rachel guides a new technique to wood burn designs. This add-on includes a full set of forest tree custom burn designs by Rachel specially printed with a laser printer for transferring. Craft a gorgeous set of 4 (or 8!) handmade coasters for your coffee table or for gifting this holiday season.

Our birch coaster add-on ships free in full workshop kits and our burn bundle adds a nominal weight fee if purchased before October 31st. 

More About Our Artist: Rachel Strauss

A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box

Rachel is the artist behind Wood Burn Corner and Burn Club, educational resources focused on spreading knowledge and joy surrounding the art of pyrography. Rachel found wood burning in 2011 while browsing for DIY wedding décor. It’s relaxing qualities and beautiful finished look had Rachel hooked.

As a firm believer in the idea and spirit of community over competition, Rachel seeks to nurture a space for wood burning artists of all skill levels to gather, share, learn, and grow together. Living and creating out of her home studio in Fremont, California, Rachel is recently the author of The Wood Burn Book - an opportunity to keep exploring.

Rachel chooses to use wood from sustainable sources and donates to organizations that plant trees around the globe.

A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss | The Crafter's Box

A Wood Burning Workshop with Rachel Strauss, Collage | The Crafter's Box