Carved Linoleum Landscape Carving | Aftyn Shah


In her workshop, Aftyn Shah explores linoleum carving & printing with us. Aftyn is a self-taught printmaker and painter living outside of Philadelphia with her family. Much of her work focuses on the majesty of the Great Outdoors, from nature’s tiny elegant details to the grand sweeping landscapes that take our breath away. In our workshop together, we will use a linoleum block and special bookmaking paper to create an art print inspired by the beautiful details in nature.

Included in the kit are the tools and materials Aftyn uses in her workshop. Curated by Aftyn, your box will feature a beautifully fibrous bookmaking paper in various natural tones and an ergonomic hand carving v-tool. The tool, made from US carbon tool steel and white birch hardwood from Maine, is hand forged, polished, and sharpened by 3rd generation family craftsmen at U.J.Ramelson, specializing in handcrafted, American-made carving tools. With these expertly crafted materials and the guidance from Aftyn’s experience, we hope you find the wonder as you create a block print piece that speaks to the wanderer within you.

Working from her sunny home studio, Aftyn’s creative rhythm and art practice is influenced by two young sons and by her adventures outside. As a child, Aftyn was always inspired by the new landscapes and scenery as her family moved around the world. Though she loved art, when it came time for major life decisions, she found herself studying literature and working in a corporate office. However, after a traumatic brain injury, Aftyn changed course, left her corporate job, and found immense peace, recovery, and self-discovery in art and nature. She combines her passion for both in Rise + Wander, her art business that doubles as a personal reminder to get up and outside.

In each piece she creates, Aftyn strives to imbue a sense of whimsy that stirs the curiosity and wandering spirit of her audience. She hopes to inspire others through her work and bring them closer to nature.

This workshop includes:

  • a detailed, digital workshop video by Aftyn Shah

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • a custom, ergonomic v-tool designed and built in the USA in collaboration with UJRamelson 
  • a 5x7 mounted linoleum block
  • a 2" brayer
  • a bamboo baren
  • nideggen specialty book paper for printing
  • block printing ink
  • inking plate
  • sharpie & pencil

We are so excited to have you join us in this project as we bring slices of nature into our art practice through linoleum block printing. We can’t wait to see the beauty you create! We would love for you to share your final product with us by tagging your photos with #thecraftersbox.

Aftyn Shah's
Podcast Interview

Linoleum Landscape Carving Workshop Collage | Aftyn Shah
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