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In this workshop, we are exploring felting using Dani Ives' unique 'painting with wool' technique to create a beautiful felted linen throw pillow in one of three leaf pattern motifs. Dani shares how to blend and manipulate fibers to create gorgeous wool designs and once you've mastered our statement throw pillow, the 2D applications for this crafting style are endless.

We've partnered with small business makers for almost every piece of this kit, from the incredibly soft handmade linen throw pillows designed and sewn in Southern California to the wool batts and foam blocks made out of a production studio in Austin, Texas - it's exciting to bring you a box and workshop offering such a unique selection of tools and materials!

Dani Ives is a self-taught artist and the founder of Good Natured Art. As a fiber artist, she has crafted an incredibly unique technique which she calls ‘painting with wool’, layering and manipulating the fiber just like paint to create texture and dimension. Dani has led fiber art workshops all across the South and Midwest including a six-week studio course of her wool painting techniques at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  Her award-winning work has been featured in international magazines and a fiber arts exhibition in Springfield, Mo. She currently lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas with her husband and fur babies, creating art daily from her home studio.

Dani began needle felting as a hobby in 2011 which quickly led to an online shop that offered animal figurines, pin cushions and jewelry. During a 52 Weeks of Felting project, she tried her first two-dimensional felted picture and soon discovered that this technique was extremely versatile and much more artistically fulfilling. For a little over two years now, she’s been honing and polishing her technique of ‘painting with wool’ and loves to share with others the surprising results and beautiful images one can get with this medium.

Felting offers a wonderfully unique alternative to more traditional fiber crafting for both the beginning and advanced crafter alike. Dani shares her tips and techinique during her carefully curated workshop this month to build a beautiful felted throw pillow for your favorite sofa or chair. Her modern leaf designs are so wonderful! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Dani Ives'
Podcast Interview

September 2016 | Wool Felting | Dani Ives
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