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In this workshop, Elise Cripe shares with us her passion for quilt making and teaches us the process and technique of crafting a custom linen quilt from scratch. Utilizing hand quilting - and foregoing a traditional sewing machine - Elise shares how to layer, stitch and bind a cozy lap quilt. Hand quilting offers an opportunity to explore stitched shapes and patterns on the surface of the quilt itself. With floss + needle in hand, we invite you to create a design that speaks to you.

Hand stitching is both decorative and functional; the stitches also serve the purpose of capturing three separate layers: linen, batting, linen to provide the structure of the blanket. Quilting refers simply to the process of binding these layers together.

Quilting is a craft that has stood the test of time taking on many styles and forms in different cultures over centuries and dating as far back as 3400 BC. The oldest surviving bed quilt was from the end of the fourteenth century and is found in Sicily today. Many of us are most familiar with blocked or pieced quilts and think fondly of quilts that have been handed down over generations. We hope that this workshop inspires an heirloom of your very own.

Elise lives with her husband and two young daughters in San Diego, California. She loves experimenting with different crafts and in addition to quilting enjoys knitting, screenprinting and making clothing. Elise has been sharing her thoughts and DIY projects online since 2005, has been running an online shop of handmade goods since 2008, and in 2015 launched a crafting podcast and her GET TO WORK BOOK, a day planner + goal setting journal. Learn more at elisejoy.com

This workshop includes:

  • a detailed, digital workshop on how to hand quilt with Elise Cripe

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • two roughly 40x50” lengths of linen in flax & ecru, enough fabric for the top and bottom of a lap-sized blanket (hand quilting offers an opportunity to get quite intricate and detailed with stitching - this is the perfect size to get started).
  • quilt batting
  • perle embroidery floss in four neutral colors chosen by Elise: three beautiful blues and ivory
  • three quilting needles in varying sizes
  • a washout pattern pen
  • template cardstock to build a pattern

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired! When you get started, be sure to tag @elisejoy and #thecraftersbox so Elise and our community can follow along.

Elise Cripe's
Podcast Interview

Hand Quilting | Elise Cripe
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