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Welcome to our workshop on screen printing! This workshop is led by artist Jen Hewett, a printmaker, surface designer, textile artist and teacher who shares with us a hands-on overview of beginning print screening for those interested in creating their own custom textiles. Having carefully curated the tools and materials needed to dive in, Jen offers step-by-step directions to design one’s own template and to transfer that design to fabric using a screen printing frame.

Screen printing is a printing technique using mesh (held in place by a wooden frame) to transfer ink onto a textile one color at a time. This method is also known as silkscreen because traditionally silk was used in the place of today’s synthetic threads (which make up the mesh).

Jen shares with us that she is inspired by all things nature. A lifelong Californian, Jen combines her love of loud prints and saturated colors with the textures and light of the California landscapes to create highly-tactile, visually-layered, printed textiles. Her work is vibrant and her patterns are noteworthy, every piece she creates is memorable, practical and so lovely on the eyes. When she’s not creating in her San Francisco studio or teaching her popular print making classes, she shares that she can be found hiking with her high-strung rescue dog Gus, cycling on San Francisco’s less-hilly streets, or hiding out at her neighborhood wine bar.

Learn more about Jen and her work on her website: We can’t wait to see how you are inspired to explore your own creativity using the print making technique of silkscreening.

Jen Hewett's
Podcast Interview

Silkscreen | Jen Hewett | The Crafter's Box
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