Live Workshop: Sewn Face Mask

Materials needed to complete this workshop:

  • (3) 10"x10" fabric squares
  • Coordinating thread
  • (2) 6" lengths of 1/4" wide elastic
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • A print of Pam's patterns
Live Workshop: Facial Mask w/ Pamela Dake
Live Workshop: Facial Mask w/ Pamela Dake

Digital materials for download:

Click below links or images to download and print.

Live Workshop: Facial Mask w/ Pamela Dake

About Pam

Pamela Dake is the mother of 5 children that have all been taught to sew but whether or not they use it is another story. She began her sewing career by seeking out all the sewing knowledge she could find and then applying it to every style of garment. Not such an easy endeavor when living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan prior to the digital explosion. In 1987, she began her first business adventure by opening a garment alterations/complete construction service in her home which is still operating today.

Fast forward to 2005 where she became the sole proprietor of a sewing academy and continued to do so until 2008 when she returned to University to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Design and Product Development as well as a Master’s Degree in Project Management. Upon graduation, Pamela worked as an Adjunct Instructor in the Merchandising and Fashion Design Department at Missouri State University as well as a fashion instructor at a local creative space. She now holds the position of Education Specialist at Shawn’ Sewing Center where she happily teaches beginning to advanced sewing classes, flat pattern drafting, garment fitting, textile knowledge and a complete line of design classes through the Fashion Designer Series.

Sewing and crafting are essential to my well-being. Working with my hands and creating anything provides me with the feeling of not just accomplishing something but giving me the pleasure of knowing I had an idea that was brought to fruition. I am the perfect example of learning through ones mistakes and then growing from that experience. For me it truly is the journey, not necessarily the destination that makes me whole. I am so looking forward to sharing my knowledge with anyone who will listen as it does me no good to keep all the things I learn to myself. I want others to share the joy of creating and being part of something that is bigger than any one of us…..

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