• Hand Quilting Workshop with Elise Cripe

    Hand Quilting Workshop

    Elise Cripe

  • Paper Florals | Margie Keates

    Handcrafted Paper Flowers Workshop

    Margie Keates

  • December 2017 | Silkscreen | Jen Hewett

    Intro to Silkscreen Workshop

    Jen Hewett

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  • September 2017 | Moon Phases | Katelyn Morse

    Intuitive Phases of the Moon Workshop

    Katelyn Morse

  • Erin Dollar | Large Scale Fabric Stenciling

    Large Scale Fabric Stenciling Workshop

    Erin Dollar

  • Leather Tanning & Stamping | Julie Rais Ellis

    Leather Tanning & Stamping Workshop

    Julie Rase Ellis

  • Low Relief Layered Clay Carving

    Low Relief Clay Carving Workshop

    Melissa Tolar

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  • Emily Katz - Macrame

    Macrame Lantern Workshop

    Emily Katz

  • Marbled Clay Planters | Emily Reinhardt

    Marbled Clay Materials Kit with Emily Reindhart

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