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Maryanne Moodie is an Aussie fiber artist living in New York City. She divides her time between designing, making, teaching, and mothering. Maryanne and weaving found one another during a time of transition - weaving became a light in her life! It all began when she found a loom under old newspapers in a storeroom and this quickly bloomed into a passionate love affair. Maryanne draws on her experience as an art teacher and vintage textile enthusiast to bring new life to her work and share it with the world.

There is something very special about Rya weaving. Originating in Scandinavia, Rya rugs were made to insulate against the brutal winter climate and they were often used on beds rather than the floor (replacing furs as the go-to bedding option around the 15th century). The blankets would be made with double sided pile to ensure warmth and the makers would blend colors and designs to reflect originality. As time progressed, the rugs have evolved to be lighter and more colorful.

Rya wall hangings draw together the nostalgia of handmade rugs and blankets with a childlike tactile quality that begs you to rub your face and hands through them. By keeping the pallet neutral, we are able to bring these qualities to a more elegant place with a modern aesthetic. They are just beautiful in a home.

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Rya Weaving - Collage
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