• Bundle A Linen 2020 Calendar Banner | The Crafter's Box

    Build Your Own 2020 Flax Linen Calendar Banner

    Build Your Own

  • Hand Quilting Workshop with Elise Cripe

    Embroidery Thread Packet

    Raw Materials

  • Screen printing inks - Jacquard Versatex | The Crafter's Box

    Versatex Screen Printing Ink

    Raw Materials

  • A Roll of Stenciling Paper | The Crafter's Box

    Stenciling Paper

    Raw Materials

  • Custom Maple Hanger Frames | The Crafter's Box

    Small Maple Hanger Frame Top & Bottom

    Materials Kit

  • A Pair of Cork Trivets | The Crafter's Box

    A Pair of Cork Rounds

    Raw Materials

  • Merino Wool Roving

    Merino Wool Roving

    Raw Materials

  • Build Your Own Punch Needle Wall Art | The Crafter's Box

    A Textile Maple Hanger Frame

    Raw Materials

  • March 2016 Workshop: Elise Joy - Arm Knitting

    (The Original) Chunky Spun Merino Wool Yarn

    Raw Materials

  • A Custom Maple Mini Weaving Loom

    A Handcrafted 12×12″ Mini Maple Loom

    Materials Kit