Explore foundational skills in creativity and weaving using a curated palette of linen fabric to create a high-end pillow sure to elevate any home decor. 

Fabric weaving is exactly what it sounds like: weaving fabric into patterns to create a unique textile to be used for multiple applications. This workshop allows us to master the basics of fabric weaving and includes supplies and thoughtful instruction for everything from strip preparation, to weaving, securing the textile and turning it into a beloved project you’ll be proud to showcase. 

Under Mister Domestic’s expert guidance we’ll learn to masterfully tear fabric strips to create our workshop materials in just the style we desire. The process of preparing our fabric strips is soothing and methodical. This raw edge linen two-axis weave is the perfect introduction to fabric weaving that will result in the handcrafted creation of a fabulous lumbar pillow.  Once your new skills are mastered, alternate projects are available which introduce new strip preparation techniques, weaving patterns, and even a third axis in triaxial weaving.

This workshop presents a totally unique take on weaving because there’s no loom. You don’t need anything more than the artist-curated fabric and pins (plus a few small tools) to make the beautiful creations we pursue in this immersive workshop. You can use different axes to create interest and dimension in every unique textile piece.

To learn more about Mister Domestic and our Fabric Weaving Workshop, explore our Featured Maker Page.