Welcome to the soothing world of frame weaving. The art of basic weaving is one of the oldest artisan techniques in the world, dating back to ancient times. In her workshop, Lindsey guides us through a specialized technique that weaves yarn in floating patterns on a fixed, notch and peg-less frame. The wooden frame provides structure to weaving elements that would otherwise not be able to stand on their own, creating an intricate and colorful décor piece that’s ready to hang in your home.

This workshop begins by exploring the materials used for this project, including soft 4-ply natural wool  yarn in white and black, a hand-crafted wooden frame, two crochet hooks, and a tapestry needle. Lindsey explains the basic principles of warp versus weft and then shows us how to begin the weaving process for our pattern. We then learn how to warp the frame, read the pattern, and complete the project. For our experienced weavers, we’re incorporating new techniques to take your work to the next level. This frame weaving project utilizes a crochet technique called ‘chain stitch’ for a decorative and innovative way to attach yarn to edges of the wooden frame as you work.  

 Lindsey shares her love of the craft with us (frame weaving is her favorite type of weaving!), including helpful tips and tricks along the way, from beginning to completed project. “By mixing a frame with weaving and crochet techniques, the end result is a beautifully woven pattern that is the perfect mix of modern and handmade,” she shares. Upon completion of this workshop, you’ll be ready to add custom woven patterns to frames of all sizes (oh, the possibilities!).

 Join us as we discover the relaxing process of frame weaving that not only soothes the soul but creates a stunning, hand-crafted piece that is ready to hang on your wall or display on your shelf.

To learn more about Lindsey and our Frame Weaving Workshop, explore our Featured Maker Page.

This workshop includes: