Explore the art of custom soy candle making. This workshop immerses students in the cozy craft of personalized scent blending and candle pouring as you learn the technique essentials with husband-and-wife team, Melissa and Chad Burgess. They share their expertise and passion in their workshop, teaching us how to choose the best pairings of materials and scents to make exquisite and aromatic poured soy candles. 

We begin with an overview of fragrance, learning how to identify top, middle, and bottom notes. Chad and Melissa walk us through each step of candle making, from choosing your vessel and wick size, to preparing and pouring your wax, all the way through to completing and curing your candle. For those interested in fragrance blending, they share tips on getting started and exploring your preferred scent combinations.

Not only will we learn the step-by-step process of creating candles by making them together, Melissa and Chad also set you up for future success by examining the intricacies of fragrances, wick sizing, and scent blending—and how to pair them all together in the best vessel. Once you complete this workshop, you will have the skills to fill any vessel suitable for a candle with your own creative scent blends.

 Yes, you’ll be making gorgeous candles, but you’ll also be treating yourself to creative therapy. Melissa developed a passion for candle-making after receiving a DIY kit in 2015, and it quickly became a therapeutic outlet for her. The act of creating will soothe the soul, and the candle itself will add a sense of calmness and joy to your home each time you light the wick.

In the kit that accompanies Craft + Foster’s masterclass in poured soy candles, you’ll receive the tools and supplies to make seven customized candles using the vessels included PLUS many more using the additional wax, wicks, and provided fragrances combined with your own vessels.

To learn more about Chad and Melissa and our Poured Soy Candles Premium Workshop, explore our Featured Maker Page.

NOTE: For those who have previously purchased our Scent Blending Hand Poured Soy Wax Candles Workshop and already have a pouring pitcher and thermometer, click here to purchase the ‘reduced tools version’ of Craft + Foster’s masterclass in poured soy candles.