Learn the ancient craft of tablet weaving using a custom birch board loom, made exclusively for this workshop. Watching a decorative band come together using this technique truly seems like magic. By turning tablets that are laced with thread, together we’ll create long thin bands with intricate patterns and vibrant color combinations. In the workshop, Lindsey Campbell, the artist and instructor behind Hello Hydrangea, teaches us how to use a board loom and create two gorgeous projects, sharing her passion and skill for one of the oldest forms of weaving.

Dating back to the Iron age at least, tablet weaving (or “card weaving”) has a vast and expansive history. The tablets of the past were commonly made of wood, leather, antler, or bone. With the introduction of cardstock, tablets were soon made of this lightweight and flexible material—hence the newer (and interchangeable term) of “card weaving.” As the craft spread throughout Europe and Scandinavia, weavers began to combine their linen or wool threads with silk, and even added gold or silver as a surface weft decoration.

While there are many different types of looms used for tablet weaving, the set-up and compact size of the board loom makes the craft portable. The beautiful shuttle and birch board loom included in your kit was hand-crafted specifically for The Crafter’s Box by husband-and-wife team Jeff and Cherie Kirschenman.

 Lindsey guides us in how to decipher patterns, thread the cards, and warp the loom before we get started. She walks us first through a simpler band, ideal for a belt or a hat, then challenges us with a more advanced bookmark pattern. Lindsey also shares some common variations and hints on troubleshooting when working through a new pattern.

Tablet weaving bands have long been used as decorative embellishments for garments and that’s still what we use them for today. Try creating them for hat bands, belts, curtain pulls, bag or camera straps, or even shoelaces. After completing the workshop, try swapping out colors and experimenting with patterns.

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