The Crafter’s Box is for people who love to make.

We have built an awesome project from the ground up for those that love to make, build, shape, design, and create. There’s something special about the art of making - of spending time working with our hands to create something beautiful for ourselves, our home, or someone we love. With this in mind, The Crafter’s Box has brought together experienced makers and has asked them to curate a unique box of tools and materials to build something beautiful. We’ll release one a month with a delivery to your door and an online workshop to dive into.

We’ve found a way to
bring it all together:

Crafting + curated, quality materials + specialty tools + a step-by-step digital workshop from an expert, artisan maker + a beautiful online community + a finished project worthy of our energy and talent.


Our expert makers bring this project to life by introducing a new crafting technique each month through a thoughtfully filmed workshop. They walk through the how’s and why’s and  educate us on a brand new style.


We’re working with local craftsmen, family farms, small businesses, and established manufacturers alike to bring quality materials and sustainable, well-made goods to every box.


By providing the tools to learn a new craft, everyone can continue to create again and again and again. These are tools that each featured artist has chosen for their unique style.


We’re starting a community of makers. Reach each artist through a special podcast and a live Q&A. As you work, collaborate, ask questions and share your project in our moderated forum.

How It Works


curated materials
& tools delivered
an online workshop


The Crafter's Box Collage 2016


We are growing a crafting community! Learn more about our artists with lively Q&A sessions, a monthly podcast, and an online forum where you can chat crafting, share ideas, and post your handmade works of art.

Our goal for The Crafter’s Box is that you’ll be inspired to try new methods of crafting and experiment with your creative boundaries. There is nothing quite like building with your own hands and we are so excited to help curate that for you on a monthly basis.

May's Featured Maker




Learn more
about May’s
expert maker

Paper Florals | Margie Keates

April's Featured Maker





Learn more
about April’s
expert maker

Cyanotype | Emily Jeffords

Subscription Options

You may love to craft in the quiet hours or dig a house full of friends and wine.

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We Built this for the Maker in Each of Us

 (a sneak peek behind-the-scenes!)


Why a Membership?

Building a project that celebrates the handmade with quality materials and artisan leaders doesn’t necessarily lend itself to a subscription-style box...

But! We’ve realized that we have the opportunity to source quantities of materials and tools that make production sense for both our small family suppliers (wool farmers, wood craftsmen, metalworkers, just to name a few) and our quality manufacturers. By turning our membership into a kit, we’re building a sustainable model that supports everyone. At the center of supporting handmade is a fair price for quality materials. We love you (and them) that much, and the finished project is that much more special & amazing.

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