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Coming Soon... Poured Soy Candles Premium Workshop with Craft + Foster

Our new Poured Soy Candles Premium Workshop launches next week, and in it, husband and wife duo Chad and Melissa Burgess of Craft + Foster guide us through every step of candle making, from wick and vessel selection to wax prep and candle curing.  After you’ve completed this workshop, you’ll be able to create scented poured candles that will transform the ambiance in any room. These hand-made custom candles also make thoughtful and personalized gifts for friends and family. 

The oils included in this kit are premium blends and toxin free, something very important to Chad and Melissa. They love to use blends of high-end fragrances, often infused with essential oils, because it’s a sustainable option that allows for unique scent blends at an accessible price point. Oh, and they smell amazing!

Poured Soy Candles | Craft + Foster | The Crafter's Box

A Sneak Peek at the Scents in this Workshop

Warm, rich, and woody, sandalwood is a beautifully simple yet effective fragrance that uplifts other scents when mixed. Coriander—with notes of spice and a dash of citrus—is the top note. Sandalwood’s calming properties are ideal for soothing the mind for meditation and healing.

Likely the most recognizable of the scents, vanilla’s notes of buttercream and cake are what you notice first. Breathe deeper for a bit of bourbon and a soothing creamy smell. And honestly, who doesn’t want their home to smell like freshly baked cookies?

The deep notes of amber are warm and musky, perfect for a cozy fall and winter atmosphere. Rich with undertones of leather and patchouli, you’ll also find a hint of tobacco and spice in this fragrance.

Poured Soy Candles | Craft + Foster | The Crafter's Box
Poured Soy Candles | Craft + Foster | The Crafter's Box

If you’ve ever enjoyed a warm cup of Earl Grey tea, that distinctive citrus smell with a hint of floral notes is bergamot—the top note in vetiver. The grounding aroma of this centuries-old fragrance has deeper notes of cedar, musk, and amber; it will remind you of earthy grass on a sunny day.

This chilly weather classic will transport you to an evergreen forest, complete with mossy scents and the smell of fir. The top note of eucalyptus adds a cooling and calming sensation to the fragrance. 

Blue spruce is your quintessential winter and holiday smell. The evergreen and spruce undertones conjure memories of Christmas trees, or perhaps just a calming walk through the woods on a quiet frosty day. 

When we asked what her favorite fragrance is, our workshop host Melissa Burgess simply answered, “Leather & Teak forever.” The notes of leather, tobacco leaf, and cloves create a warm and rich scent with a cozy and woody feeling. 

We’re not all lucky enough to have a crackling fire in our living room, but we can pretend! Top notes of saffron combine with deeper hints of clove, amber, and smoke to recreate a relaxing night in front of the fireplace or an evening under the stars by the campfire. 

Poured Soy Candles | Craft + Foster | The Crafter's Box

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