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Linocut Landscape Printmaking
Aftyn Shah
May 2019
Wrapped Fiber Rainbow
Mandi Smethells
April 2019
Fluid Alcohol Ink Art
Ashley Mahlberg
March 2019
Geometric Wood Pattern Play
Nicole Sweeney
February 2019
Chunky Knit Floor Pouf
Alison Abbey
January 2019
Wooden Spoon Carving
Melanie Abrantes
December 2018
Hand Quilting
Elise Blaha Cripe
November 2018
Cut Paper Art
Maude White
October 2018
Pibione Tapestry Weaving
Lindsey Campbell
September 2018
Leather Tanning & Stamping
Julie Rais Ellis
August 2018
Travel Sketching & Painting
Chelsea Ward
July 2018
Mark Making & Textile Design
Arounna Khounnoraj
June 2018
Embellishing with Hand Embroidery
Kristen Gula
May 2018
Shibori Indigo Dyeing
Rachel Denbow
April 2018
Kinetic Brass Mobiles
Sarah Perez
March 2018
Punch Needle Art
Arounna Khounnoraj
February 2018
Cozy Knitted Pillows
Alison Abbey
January 2018
Silkscreen on Fabric
Jen Hewett
December 2017
Gold Embellished Brush Pen Lettering
Shinah Chang
November 2017
Scent Blending with Hand Poured Candles
Kristen Pumphrey
October 2017
Intuitive Phases of the Moon
Katelyn Morse
September 2017
Low Relief Layered Clay Carving
Melissa Tolar
August 2017
Large Scale Fabric Stenciling
Erin Dollar
July 2017
Wet-On-Wet Watercolored Botanical Leaves
Jenna Rainey
June 2017
Hand Crafted Paper Florals
Margie Keates
May 2017
Cyanotype Art
Emily Jeffords
April 2017
Chunky Crocheted Baskets
Jessica Carey
March 2017
Fine Metal Jewelry Making
Emily Eggebrecht
February 2017
Naturally Dyed Fiber Art Wall Hanging
Rebekka Seale & Lisa Garcia
January 2017
An Artisan Wood Cutting Board
Justin and Keary Cheney
December 2016
Scandinavian-Inspired Raw Wooden Bead Crafting
Lynn Muir
November 2016
Contemporary Embroidery
Sarah K. Benning
October 2016
Wool Felted Linen Pillow
Dani Ives
September 2016
Oil Painting
Emily Jeffords
August 2016
Batik Wax Resist Wall Hangings
Rachel Denbow
July 2016
Macrame Lantern
Emily Katz
June 2016
Hand Sewn Leather Clutch
Miranda Anderson
May 2016
Linen Block Printed Table Runner
Erin Dollar
April 2016
Chunky Wool Arm Knitting
Elise Blaha Cripe
March 2016
Marbled Clay Hanging Planters
Emily Reinhardt
February 2016
Rya Wall Weaving
Maryanne Moodie
January 2016
Premium Workshop: Rigid Heddle Weaving
Rachel Snack

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