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Woven Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's Box


Welcome to an introduction to weaving geometric shapes with artist Erin Barrett. In this workshop, Erin guides us through the creation of one of her iconic designs in a custom colorway curated for this project. Using color blocking and a geometric composition, we’ll be weaving together a beautiful handmade wall hanging for the home.

We’re pairing a handcrafted maple frame loom with our favorite Lana wool blend yarn to create stunning woven pieces. Features of our custom loom include a hardwood body and deeply grooved notches with a subtle setback for sturdy warping. As the most recent addition to our line of looms, we’ve added a small hole along each side arm for optional kickstand legs for tabletop weaving. A sword and shuttle are not needed for this style of weaving but are available as additional accessories in our Marketplace.

We are so excited to have you join us for this project as we dive into wall hangings with Erin. We would love for you to share your final product by tagging us (and our featured artist!) in your photos. Don’t forget to use #thecraftersbox to show everyone - and see what others - are up to. Happy making.

This workshop includes: 

  • An in-depth, digital workshop by Erin Barrett
  • A live Maker Chat Q&A for our community to join in creative conversation
  • Tools and materials from artisan suppliers, curated for you, by Erin

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • A handcrafted maple 16x20” frame loom
  • 5 skeins of our favorite single-ply Lana wool blend yarn in a curated colorway
  • Cotton warp string
  • A curved tapestry needle
  • Gold lame ribbon
  • A dowel for hanging your finished piece
Woven Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's Box
Woven Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's Box
This Month's

Woven Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's Box
Woven Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's Box

Our February Add-Ons

We’ve created optional add-ons to support your continued weaving exploration. A new colorway inspired by the sand and blush hues of the desert, loom legs for those who would like to convert their loom to a standing tabletop loom, an accessories kit (NOT needed for this workshop but for different weaving techniques you might enjoy later).

Maple Frame Loom Legs | The Crafter's Box
A Shuttle & Sword Set | The Crafter's Box

A Mojave Colorway

We’re exploring Geometric Weaving with Erin Barrett in February, and we can’t wait to dive into this meditative craft. If you’re looking to make an additional tapestry, this listing offers an additional colorway with the extra materials needed to create a full tapestry.

Loom Legs for Tabletop Weaving

To complement the loom included in this workshop, we’ve created attachable legs to stand your loom up for easy tabletop weaving. (Psst… if you’ve decided to upgrade your loom to the 30″ instead of the 25″ we will be sure to include the correct size legs upon purchase of this listing.)

A Shuttle & Sword Set

To complement the loom and allow for continued creation we’ve created a shuttle and sword to continue your weaving exploration. Created by a local San Diego woodworking team, these sturdy maple tools allow for faster weaving.

Our February add-ons ship free in full workshop kits if purchased before January 31st.

Already Have A Loom?

Did you participate in our Pibione Tapestry Weaving Workshop last year? The loom offered in this workshop is the same size and style. To opt out of receiving another 16x25" loom, use our Tool Exchange Program to add our new adjustable loom to your collection OR choose an alternative Mojave colorway in our custom single ply wool.

Our Larger Frame Loom | The Crafter's Box

Upgrade to a Large Loom with Legs

If you’re interested in exploring weaving further on a larger loom, or you already have a 18×25″ frame loom at home, this listing offers the ability to upgrade the loom in your workshop kit to our larger, adjustable frame loom. A new addition to our line of looms, this larger loom is 30×30″ at its largest size, and can be adjusted to 25.5×30″. Additionally, this listing includes attachable loom legs to turn your frame loom into a standing tabletop loom for comfortable weaving.

This option closes down the last day of the month. By adding this $44 exchange listing to your cart and completing the checkout process, you’ll be notifying our shipping team to make the upgrade to the larger loom + attachable legs.

Included in this listing:

  • our larger maple frame loom
  • attachable loom legs to create a standing tabletop loom
An Alternative Tapestry Colorway | The Crafter's Box

Exchange A Maple Loom for a Second Colorway

We’re exploring Geometric Weaving with Erin Barrett in February, and we can’t wait to dive into this meditative craft. If you already have an 18×25″ loom at home, and would like to instead receive an additional colorway to explore Erin’s workshop with, we’ve created this listing to let our shipping team know about the exchange.

This option closes down last day of the month. By adding this $0 exchange listing to your cart and completing the checkout process, you’ll be notifying our shipping team to make the swap.

Included in this exchange:

  • an alternative colorway of our single-ply Lana wool blend yarn
  • warp string
  • gold lame ribbon
  • a dowel to hang your finished piece

More About Our Artist: Erin Barrett

A Premium Large Organic Tapestry Weaving Workshop | The Crafter's Box

Erin Barrett is the owner and creator of Sunwoven, a small business founded in Charleston, South Caroline where Erin lives with her family.

Erin grew her business out of hobby when searching for a creative outlet five years ago. Prior to Sunwoven, Erin was a professional ballet dancer for seven years and eventually settled down to get married and her daughter, Sunny. What began as creative exploration turned into a blossoming full-time business. Today she explores different styles of making in various textile and weaving formats. You can learn more about her commission work and her shop at Sunwoven has created recognized brand collaboration work through West Elm and Anthropologie.

Five years into weaving, Erin loves it more than ever! We are incredibly honored to welcome Erin to The Crafter's Box studio to share her incredible work with us once again.

Weaving with Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's Box