• Emily Jeffords - Oil Painting

    Abstract Oil Painting Workshop

    Emily Jeffords

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  • Knitted Floor Pouf Materials Kit | Alison Abbey

    Add-On Kit: A 2nd (or Larger) Pouf

    Alison Abbey

  • Add-On Kit: Exploring Yupo Paper & a New Sunset Colorway

    Ashley Mahlberg

  • Geometric Wood Art | Pattern Play & Coasters | Nicole Sweeney

    Add-On Kit: Mini Geometric Pattern Play to Build Coasters

    Nicole Sweeney

  • March 2016 Elise Blaha Cripe Chunky Arm Knitting

    Arm Knitting Workshop

    Elise Cripe

  • December 2016 | Artisan Cutting Boards | Grace & Salt

    Artisan Wood Cutting Boards Workshop

    Justin & Keary Cheney

  • Erin Dollar - Block Printing

    Block Printing on Fabric Workshop

    Erin Dollar

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  • Kinetic Brass Mobiles | Sarah Perez

    Brass Mobiles Workshop

    Sarah Perez

  • Carved Wooden Spoon Workshop with Melanie Abrantes

    Carved Wooden Spoons Workshop

    Melanie Abrantes