Carved Wooden Spoons Workshop with Melanie Abrantes


In this workshop, Melanie Abrantes introduces us to the art of carving. We'll start with a basswood spoon template and slowly unearth a custom long-handled wooden spoon featuring a beautiful round bowl utilizing two specialty tools designed by our artist in collaboration with craftsmen: a Japanese gouge and a Lithuanian carving knife featuring a custom handle. In Melanie's workshop video, she carefully walks through the process of carving from whittling to sanding perfection.

We can't wait to see what you will create! You will be so proud of your final, functional piece of art that it will be hard to part with (and we must insist you keep one for yourself) but these beautiful spoons are lovely gifts. They're ideal for specialty herbs, salt, sugar, coffee... you name it!

Melanie Abrantes Designs is a Bay Area-based producer of handcrafted, heirloom objects. Melanie believes that in order to create something beautiful, you have to get your hands dirty! She founded her company in 2013 when she realized there was a growing American market for handmade goods. Working with a variety of unique materials, Melanie focuses on crafting beautiful, functional goods. Through the technique of lathing, she turns simple pieces of solid wood and cork into one-of-a-kind bowls, plates, cups and stands. Through carving, Melanie hand whittles beautiful kitchen utensils - her passion for teaching this skill has led to a published book, Carve, and classes around the US. Her passion for woodworking originates from the simple fact that every piece is as unique as the material it is made from. Time in the studio is dedicated to researching, testing and adapting the product to its user, resulting in a simple, yet unique object of the highest quality.

This workshop includes:
  • a detailed, digital workshop on how to hand carve wooden spoons by Melanie Abrantes

The tools & materials included in this kit:

  • a 7x2" bass wooden spoon blank (a long handled spoon with a beautiful round bowl)
  • a handcrafted Japanese spoon gouge
  • a custom Lithuanian carving knife commissioned just for this project (a unique handle designed by our artist contributes to the ergonomics of this knife)
  • a packet of sand paper in three grits
  • a thick thumb guard
  • a tin of wood butter (handmade by Melanie in her custom blend)
  • and a band-aid (ya know, just in case)

We can’t wait to see how you are inspired! When you get started be sure to tag @melanieabrantesdesigns and #thecraftersbox so Melanie and our community can follow along.

Melanie Abrantes'
Podcast Interview

Carved Wooden Spoons | Melanie Abrantes | The Crafter's Box
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