• Extra Large 30" Adjustable Loom | Frame Loom Collection

    A Handcrafted 30×30″ Extra Large Adjustable Maple Loom

    Frame Loom Collection

  • An Alternative Tapestry Colorway | The Crafter's Box

    A Mojave Tapestry Colorway

    Materials Kit

  • Woven Geometric Shapes | The Crafter's BoxSOLD OUT

    Our Original Woven Geometric Shapes Colorway

    Materials Kit

  • A Shuttle & Sword Set | The Crafter's Box

    A Shuttle & Sword Set

    Raw Materials

  • Maple Frame Loom Legs | The Crafter's Box

    Loom Legs for Tabletop Weaving

    Add-On Kit

  • Merino Wool Roving

    Merino Wool Roving

    Raw Materials

  • A Canvas & Leather Portfolio Bag

    The Crafter’s Box Canvas & Leather Portfolio Bag

    Toolbox Collection

  • Single skeins of our custom Lana Yarn

    Single Skeins of Our Custom Lana Yarn

    Raw Materials